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Oracle/Tarot Reading Benefits

What to Expect From an Oracle or Tarot Reading

For your first reading, your tarot reader will set the atmosphere. We will start by grounding and centering ourselves and create a connection to the Divine.. It’ll be all about a welcoming and relaxing environment for a positive experience. 

There are no bad cards in the deck so don’t worry about that. Even the death card isn’t bad, it could just mean a painful transition in your life. Whereas the devil card could mean you have an untrustworthy person in your life, it doesn’t mean the devil is in your life. 

Your tarot reader might ask you for your birthday and a few other questions, but not that many questions. Any psychic who tries to get several questions from you you’ll want to be careful of. 

If questions come up during the reading, don’t give away too much information.

Not Magical

Try to relax and know during the reading too that they don’t have magical properties, and can’t harm you. They are tools to tap into your subconscious, not meant to harm you. If your first reading isn’t 100% accurate, don’t be against tarot.

Sometimes in life when you have different things on your mind it could affect how your reading comes out. Try to remain focused on the reading and of course open. 

1. Gain Clarity

When you go for a reading from the tarot deck, you could gain some clarity you otherwise wouldn’t. It’ll encourage you to make positive decisions in life and be more intuitive about different situations. You could leave your reading with a new sense of knowledge.

2. Find Key Issues

Sometimes there are key issues in life we aren’t aware of that a reading can bring our attention to. You can find out about an issue going on in someone else’s life or your own, and have that information come to light. It’ll also lead you to not blame yourself, and realize there are external forces at play for certain situations. 

3. Gives Your Day Structure

When receiving your daily tarot card reading, if you receive a card that indicates your day will be rough you’ll be well prepared for your day and know what to expect. You might receive a card letting you know your friend needs you to be there for them, and what a nice way to know after receiving your daily spread. 

4. Validation

If you’re looking for validation for any suspicions or questions you have, a daily spread can validate any of these suspicions you have. For example, ten of swords will let you know of a fear such as your company closing. You can easily get a yes or no answer. 

5. Nurturing Relationships

Tarot can help you improve your relationship with others. Any negative energy you have in a relationship, it can encourage you to clear the air for a more positive experience. 

When your friend needs you to be kinder or a good listener, it’ll let you know how to handle certain situations and highlight what needs more attention. 

6. Make a Difficult Decision 

Sometimes in life, you could be faced with a difficult decision. You might wonder what steps to take, and tarot can help you choose what step is the right decision to take. It can also give you more information about your situation and life in general. 

7. Sharpens Your Instinct

You can become more psychic just by using and receiving tarot. You can listen to your gut and know that as time goes on you’ll become more intuitive and know what route to take. In time you might not even need tarot anymore to have that intuitive nature, and just know. 

8. Finding Truth

The tarot never lies. If you want the truth in certain situations you can find out and get to the truth even with a one card truth. For more complex answers, you can have a bigger spread used. 




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