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Massage Benefits - What to Expect

Benefits of Massage

1. Reduced pain and stiffness. Pain is reduced through many choices of techniques that are appropriate to each situation.The human body responds better to human touch than almost any man-made instrument you can think of. I would say that 95% of my clients come to me due to pain and discomfort. Since I enjoy doing treatment work so much, I love it when they're in pain because I get to chase the pain away! One of the rewarding things about doing insurance massage is seeing your clients become independent of pain medications.

2. Stress management. Life is stressful enough and it seems like things are moving faster and faster all the time. It's easy to get overwhelmed these days with so much to keep track of anymore. Massage is a much-needed time-out for many people. It's a time to turn off all cellphones and leave that computer alone for an hour or two. I like to call massages a "Mini Vacation" for those who need a break.

3. Decreased anxiety and depression. Depression and anxiety can be a result of a chemical imbalance or an overtaxed nervous system. Whatever the cause, massage is great for bringing back some balance into the body and helping others to become present with themselves.

4. A stronger immune system. Many studies have shown that regular massage helps to keep the immune system strong and resistant from disease. Remember that the human body responds strongly to touch.

5. Increased lymph circulation. Lymph is naturally moved through the body through exercise which milks the muscles and helps to rinse toxins and impurities from the body. The lymphatic system is the first responder to infections and diseases. The smoother it runs, the less likely you are to become vulnerable to disease and disorders.

6. Improved blood circulation. Blood carries life-giving oxygen throughout the body and it works in tandem with the lymphatic system to keep everything moving right along.

7. Lower blood pressure. Massage can help lower blood pressure as it helps to take someone from a place of stress to a place of peace and rest. I've been told that one hour of an effective massage is equivalent to 4 hours of rest. If you're having trouble sleeping at night try getting a massage before bed.

8. Increased flexibility. Massage is great for increasing your flexibility because a massage therapist can practice range of motion and passive stretching on the limbs. A passive stretch gives you a better stretch than you can get on your own because the therapist is able to isolate the muscles more than you can do on your own. Range of motion helps to open and loosen stiff joints. Getting regular massage can help to prevent muscle related injuries in various sporting activities.

9. Reduced inflammation and swelling. Typically inflammation and swelling in the body are brought on by a trauma but sometimes they can linger in an area that's lacking good circulation. Inflammation and swelling are reduced by increasing the circulation of blood and lymph. With manual massage techniques, stagnant blood and lymph are moved back to the heart and fresh blood and lymph come back in to circulate the area. With less inflammation and swelling comes less pain and discomfort.

10. Greater enjoyment of life. Massage therapy greatly improves the quality of life for many people including the elderly, the stressed and those with painful conditions. I know that giving and receiving massage has improved the quality of my life and I've enjoyed improving the quality of life for others.

What to Expect During a Massage Session

1. Prior to session, you will fill out an intake form and covid19 waiver to discuss your expectations, goals, and to rule out any contraindications.

2. Some clients may feel nervous about undressing, the therapist will not be in the room while you are undressing/dressing. 

3. Draping is REQUIRED! You will be on the table and between sheets with an additional cover (towel or draw sheet). The only areas of the body exposed during treatment will only be the areas being worked on at that time. When therapist moves to a different area, that area will be covered before uncovering the other area. You may wear clothes during your session, however it is recommended you fully undress to your comfort level. It is common for most people to wear bottom under garments during session but is not required. This body area will ALWAYS stay draped. Being fully undressed allows for a more beneficial and deeper massage! You will enjoy and benefit from your massage more by removing jewelry, particularly necklaces, ear rings, and bracelets/watches

3. You may be asked to lay, face up, face down, or on your side depending on the work needed to be done.

4. Massage sessions will be ended immediately if sexual innuendoes are made or the therapist does not feel safe or comfortable. Such incidents will be reported to the authorities, as well as the massage therapist community.

5. Your privacy is respected, your health is confidential will not be discussed to others unless requested by the client.

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